Advanced RPA Features for Your Nonstructural Data

RPA; rules and logic are specific, a large number of constantly repeating tasks are automated through software robots. This software automates repetitive business processes by operating robots 24/7. In this way, you can free your employees from these repetitive business processes and focus on complex and high-value added jobs.

It can simulate all the operations that a person does in the graphical user interface with the mouse and keyboard. It can click on the menu, read the values it sees, and type the desired value in a text field. Right-click a button that appears in front of it and select a value that you specify from the drop-down menu.

Process automation for all your in-house applications

• With QB RPA, design all the process automation you need in a low code and drag-and-drop way.

QB RPA; It provides high efficiency by minimizing the implementation time with OCR, Snap and more than 100 ready controls, compatible with all platforms, having fast development processes.

• Helps you provide a perfect end-to-end customer experience with QB HYPE and RUN integration.


It can automate everything he sees on the screen.


It imitates human behavior using a mouse and keyboard.


It can reach the elements on the web pages.


Smart Object Finder feature.


Click, Double Click, Right Click, Move, Hover, Type, Read quick controls.

100 + Ready Control

  • Base Controls
  • Application / Window
  • Clipboard
  • Keyboard
  • Variable
  • Loop
  • Condition
  • Excel
  • File/Folder
  • Dialogs

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

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