QB-RUN | Central Orchestration

With Qbitra agents installed on computers, run an RPA process remotely at any time intervals and analyze its results, whether you want a script that you have prepared. Create detailed reports with Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Alerts can be set up for either successful or failed results of tasks and sent as a notification to Slack, Google chat or Microsoft teams.

With the help of cron based timer, unattended tasks can be run on a specific time and date or periodically.

With an advanced user management system provided by Qbitra, it is possible to perform operation based authorization.

Production-ready script templates can be used with great ease or you can maintain full control over the scripts with advanced customization to fit your business’s needs.

Prevent potential vulnerabilities that may be caused by the Robot by storing your critical data in the Asset module.

Finish your works quickly by throwing them to the queue with unlimited robot comfort and without capacity problems.


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